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Bridge Angling Club


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where to fish2



Bit expensive to fish this place but it really is a lovely place, it is an old castle and the water is the old mote that ran round the place hundreds of years old, there are some really lovely carp and tench in this suprisingly large ane rarly fished water, some very big size carp and tench too, really natural and a peacefull place to fish more info email me

Match Pond (brookfoot)


The relativly small pond compared to below fish's really well, lots of carp, orf, tench, skimmers, and some good fishing all round.Nice to get out of the way of the specimen hunters and fish side by side in this lovely setting



This is where the specimen carp and pike come from !!, tends to edge towards the long stayers in the bivvy and some serious specimen hunting. Fishing can be slow but its worth the wait. Course fish are still to be had in here and some good catch's can be had. Construction is underway of islands in the middle and may upset fishing weekends ther is no construction going on

Bottoms Dam


Is a nice little spot, part of spen vally angling club who only have two waters, plenty of nice tench and skimmers in here and can fish really well when on form. Cought my first ever carp here as a kid, and believe me there are some very nice sizable ones nocking about, good double figures